WhatsApp Messaging


A cross-platform instant messaging application allows users to swap texts, images, video, and audio messages for free. Available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone, and Nokia devices.

The app uses the internet for seamless data transfer. WhatsApp Messaging services are widely used by retail, insurance, banking, automotive, real estate & educational industries. With Bonvoice's WhatsApp Messaging service, businesses can

  • Connect & share information faster.
  • Send custom messages to clients.
  • Offer better customer support, etc.

Benefits of WhatsApp Messaging

Extensive Multimedia Format

Advertise in your preferred format - pick from various formats to suit your needs, from vCards, images, videos, and text ads in Whatsapp.

Keeping Tabs on Progress

Gauge Message Delivery Success with a comprehensive performance report based on message delivery, reading, and message sending.

Simplify Your Customer Communications

Get in touch with your clientele clearly and uncomplicatedly by setting up and managing accounts to send and receive messages.

Get Better Results with Bonvoice

Individualized Mass-mail

Personalize your Whatsapp greetings by including the recipient's name and selecting from various greetings and language options without remembering everyone's phone number.

Dynamic Chatbots with Sync

Get User-Friendly Dynamic Chatbots with a Menu of Choices with a Variety of Preprogrammed Responses and import contacts from a CSV or TXT, or simply copy and paste!

Enhanced reach

We have a database with the contact information of thousands of Whatsapp users separated by industry, ensuring the most relevant recipients get your marketing messages.

Efficient layout of communication

To ensure that your message is received by its intended recipients, most compellingly, we employ sophisticated methods of message creation.

Comprehensive analysis

We conduct in-depth market research to determine the best target audience for tailoring the message to the ideal audience, increasing our chances of selling.

Consolidated Packages

You can get the veteran service and subscribe to our marketing perks by paying us the most aggressive possible fee, as we believe in providing positive ROI.

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