Dynamic Destinations


Cloud telephony systems allow incoming calls to be dynamically redirected to the most appropriate agent or department based on the caller's location, time of day, and type of call.

The tool ensures that calls are always routed to the best possible destination, providing an optimal customer experience. Dynamic Destinations are particularly useful for businesses with multiple locations or call centers, where numerous calls are attended, & routed every day. One best advantage of the tool is it helps reduce wait times and improves customer satisfaction.

Features of Dynamic Destinations Service

Automated Communication

Based on your consumers' behaviors, design communication touchpoints to engage them, avoiding having humans spend time on tasks that could be automated instead.

Actionable Insights

Keep an eye on active calls and the development of your campaign with our real-time tracking data and modify the reports to meet your company's needs.

Cloud Compatibility

Integrate your telephony system with CRM software solutions and benefit from a free cloud telephony package, increasing overall efficiency.

Call monitoring with Recording

Maintain an accurate and up-to-the-minute tally of the calls with proper recording for later use in employee training that is coming into your company.

IVR Systems

Facilitate communication between your company and consumers by transferring to the appropriate representative immediately after the caller selects an option from the IVR menu.

Embedding CRM Systems

You may view your callers' information in one place by connecting our phone system with your existing customer relationship management software.

Why Choose Bonvoice?

Fast and simple to activate

Cloud-based contact centers provide businesses with an intelligent plug-and-play solution that can be synchronized with industry-standard CRM platforms.

Personalized Service

We offer personalized service to help you get the most out of your communication channels, from onboarding and training to support and consultation, all you need to succeed.

Low Capital Expenditures

The hosted call center solution from Bonvoice is an affordable alternative that offers powerful call management features without the need for expensive hardware.

Improve the Experience

Callers' experiences are improved by the cloud call center software solution's availability of wait-time updates, regional welcomes, and agent routing based on their specific skills.

Efficiency in the Workplace

Quality customer interaction experiences are driven by our cutting-edge solution package, which includes a cloud contact center with capabilities that are both novel and cost-effective.

Boost Your Company to New Heights

Our APIs make adding speech support to your product, app, or website easy so that users may interact more naturally with you, offering better growth.

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