Responsive IVR


A responsive interactive voice response (IVR) system is a telephone menu system that interacts with callers, usually via keypad input, to gather information and route calls.

Bonvoice responsive IVR systems are designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. They are designed to handle a high volume of callers without breaking down or becoming overloaded. Our well-designed responsive IVR system can save your business time and money by routing calls more efficiently and reducing the need for human operators. Some features to look for in Bonvoice responsive IVR system include: -The ability to handle high call volumes, easy navigation, customizable options, reporting capabilities & integration with your existing phone systems.

Benefits of Responsive IVR Solution

Handle a High Number of Calls

Reduce manual effort and improve efficiency when dealing with high call volumes; calls are automatically routed to available agents or added to the queue.

Personalize the Response

Adjust the IVR's parameters as needed to achieve your objectives or provide VIP customers with expedited service by connecting them with the experts.

Consistency & Integrity

Stay in touch with your consumers around the clock by giving them access to self-service features like menus, recorded messages, and links to often-used resources.

Features of Responsive IVR Solution

Call Redirection

Without you having to do anything more than pick up the phone, your call will be automatically redirected to the appropriate department.

Verification of orders

Customers can check the status of their orders with a simple phone call to the company's designated number and a user ID, which helps save money on staffing.

Tailored Menu Options

You can tailor the call flow with a menu containing various sub-menu options with multilingual service to facilitate client navigation of their inquiries.

Call Monitoring in Real Time

Use our online control panel and keep tabs on everything happening in your call center in real-time to improve the overall efficiency of your call center.

Filtering and recording phone calls

Calls can be sorted and recorded for further assessment as they come in and redirect to the appropriate agents or departments so that customers can get the help they need.

Integrating Your CRM Tools

Build an intelligent IVR system and expand your business's potential by integrating a third-party CRM product with our platform to have a happier customer base.

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