Dynamic Messaging


Welcome to the world of dynamic messaging services - the most innovative and engaging way to communicate with your customers! The best mode of communication for constantly changing and adaptive environments.

Dynamic Messaging allows businesses to communicate with their customers more naturally. It helps to create a more personal connection with the users. The services are mostly required for eCommerce, push notifications, emails etc. With Bonvoice Dynamic Messaging services, businesses can -

  • Automate marketing workflows
  • Help customers make better purchase decisions.
  • Decrease choice overloads, etc.

Benefits of Dynamic Messaging

Social Validation

Receive different Social Proof messages and automatically optimize for the most likely to affect behavior. Prioritize the pop-up with the most clicks, subscriptions.

Automated SMS

Now send out SMS messages to customers with personalized information from your workflow, increasing the engagement and better overall customer experiences.

Improved ROI

Deliver more targeted messages by tailoring your messages to each customer's specific needs and interests, leading to higher conversion rates and increased ROI.

Features of Dynamic Messaging

Soundly Manageable

Send hundreds of SMS messages with just one click and without needing any technical knowledge or experience.

Programming Via Sms

Plan messages and track their delivery with the control panel for your SMS messages campaigns.

Sender Id & Message Outline

Centalize the creation and management of multiple sender ids and branded email templates to use at a go.

Transit Time 24 Hours A Day

Be free to send any type of communication, including promotional ones, to the registered subscribers at any time.

Integrating APIs On The Fly

Integrate alerts, notifications, confirmations, etc., into apps, with various APIs to meet your needs as it is easy to do.

Reports In Real Time

Get access to real-time reporting that updates as each incoming SMS is processed, so you can monitor the progress of your campaign in real-time.

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