Outbound Dialer


An automated system that makes calls to a pre-set list of telephone numbers.

With Bonvoice's outbound dialer, businesses can contact customers, clients, or patients (if healthcare) for follow-ups, appointment reminders, or collecting debt payments. Some key advantages of this feature are; it is user-friendly, affordable, and time-saving, allows users to make multiple calls in a short time, & leaves automated messages if there is no answer, etc.

Types of Outbound Dialer

Automated Outbound Dialer

Experience improved connect rates with an intelligent lead selection through an auto call dialer creating a list, categorizing customers based on past behavior, making a schedule, and the best time slots to make calls automatically.

Manual Dialer

Use predictive analysis to maximize agent productivity by detecting busy signals and unanswered calls and forwarding the calls to the available agents once the call is connected through the dial pad at the customer end, reducing the idle time between adjacent calls.

Individual Dialer

Enable your agents to be well-informed about a customer before calling them individually, with each number a preview to see the next call in the list to prepare beforehand to deliver a personalized customer experience.

Benefits of Outbound Dialer

Assist Agents in Spending Less Time

Use an AMD to sort incoming calls and only connect to an agent if they are answered by a live person, helping them concentrate on generating high-quality leads instead.

Better Return On Investment

Improve your bottom line and bring in more money using an effective auto dialer program to raise your call connections and conversion rate, improving your return on investment.

Accelerate the Response

Call integration has the potential to boost customer interactions and service quality, facilitating instantaneous communication with clients and resulting in better Brand Connection.

Features of Outbound Dialer

Auto Call with Dial Order

Ensure Auto Dialer dials all the numbers associated with a contact, automatically answering incoming calls from dialers without waiting, maximizing agents' available talk time.

Notification for a Dialer

When the number of contacts in the dialing list is low or if there is a PRI or SIP error, an alert is sent to the supervisor with an error code.

Sound Amplification

Automate sending pre-recorded voicemails to everyone on your contact list, allowing for mass phone calls to specific groups of people.

Automation of Prospecting

When the number of leads in the list reaches a certain limit, an automatic alert is sent to the manager so that outbound calling can be scheduled properly.

Hasten Payments and Sales

A massive increase in sales is possible with automated dialing. Increase your call volume while decreasing your call duration, and watch your lead-to-close ratio and sales velocity soar.

Campaign Management with Reports

Conduct and manage several campaigns easily with a real-time dashboard and in-depth analytics by filtering key performance indicators and statistics to make more informed choices.

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