Automatic Calls


An automated calling solution that allows recorded voice interactions with the caller without any human intervention.

Bonvoice enables businesses to make automated outbound sales calls to their target customers. They can even make follow-up calls after purchase or offer support for a product or service. Some key feature benefits include improved sales, effective customer service, affordable & time-saving. With proper planning and execution, automatic calls can be an invaluable tool for your business.

Benefits of Automatic Calls

Reach without Language Barrier

You may reach more customers in less time without the language barrier or service restrictions, increasing Brand Visibility.

Countless Channels Interaction

Develop infinite channels, improving the response rate with automated voice system services.

Flexible Planning with Integration

Combine our automated voice system services with your solution and schedule calls in advance with real-time insights from the integration.

Establish robust connections

Manage the campaigns efficiently and create enduring customer relationships by providing excellent service and being accessible 24/7.

Boost sales conversion

Switch to Automate dialing and eliminate roadblocks like busy tones and dropped calls, increasing lead conversion in less time.

Spend less

Choose our automated voice with no setup fees or additional expenditures and eliminate the need for additional workers to cut costs.

Features of Automatic Calls

Live dashboard

A live dashboard and in-depth analytics will help you keep track of your company communications, providing better growth.

Specific reports

By filtering KPIs and statistics, you may create personalized reports that help you make better decisions for new advertisements and product development.

Lead management with assistance

Connect intelligent CRMs with your autodialer to instantly add, amend, or delete leads with the specialized languages for a larger audience.

Setting up voice campaigns

Make your calls on a particular day and time by configuring the system to place the calls automatically without any hassle.

Voice Transmission Control

Use several contact lists to advertise the most recent special offers, discounts, and bargains to the audience to boost sales.

Audience wise Call forwarding

Make several voice calls, and transfer them to the appropriate agent, division, or voicemail to the audience to target them based on the user persona.

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