Voice OTPs


Bonvoice Voice OTPs are one of the most convenient ways to authenticate yourself when logging into an account or carrying out a transaction.

We provide an extra layer of security by directing you to input a code that is spoken aloud, in addition to usual login credentials. The system then verifies the code and allows you to access your account or make a transaction. Voice OTPs are user-friendly, quick, and easy to use. And they provide an extra level of security that can give you peace of mind when logging in to important accounts or carrying out sensitive transactions.

Benefits of Voice OTP Service

Simple, Instantaneous Configuration

Our Voice OTP solution is ready to go live in minutes, giving businesses a competitive edge in the marketplace to check, evaluate and create better sales strategies.

Simple to Scale to Large Sizes

Adjust the IVR's parameters as needed to achieve your objectives or provide VIP customers with expedited service by connecting them with the experts.

Cost-Effective Options

Send numerous voice OTPs in tandem to customers with our Voice OTP service to avoid keeping them waiting at a very affordable cost with positive ROI.

Features of Voice OTPs


Improve your reputation with customers by verifying with Voice OTP, which can replace static passwords with more dynamic ones to protect a wide range of financial dealings.


Provide your users with a sense of authorization by allowing them to delete, restore, and reactivate their accounts to protect sensitive information and prevent identity theft.

Verification of a Transaction

Minimize financial fraud and security breaches with Voice OTP to approve transactions by creating temporary passwords with a random combination of numbers and letters.

Updates in Real Time

Measure the success of your Voice OTP campaigns by tracking KPIs like the percentage of calls that go unanswered in the dashboard at any time and from any location.

Back-up Vocal System

Include a backup plan on top of the regular OTP SMS procedure by converting the OTP into speech and sending it over a call, guaranteeing 100% delivery in the event of a failed delivery.

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