Toll-free Number


As a customer service provider,

there is nothing more crucial than providing a toll-free number for your customers to call.

Doing so helps them reach out without having to pay for the call. Toll-free numbers are a great way to increase customer satisfaction, boost sales and build trust. They can also help save money on long-distance calls. With so many benefits, it's no wonder businesses are using toll-free numbers widely.

Benefits of Toll-free Number

Better convert your leads

Higher call volumes generated by toll-free numbers translate to more potential customers contacting a company.

Create More Brand Loyalty

Increase the value of your brand through increased customer memory by using consistent contact information across all marketing touchpoints.

Increase Happy Customers

Consumers have more opportunities to get their questions answered and their concerns addressed because they don't have to pay anything to do so.

Multi-Channel Support

Your sales staff can talk to more potential customers thanks to the toll-free number, providing nationwide customer care without spending money on physical locations.

Effective, Measurable Marketing

Monitor the efficacy of your advertising campaigns and marketing efforts using toll-free numbers for instantaneous client feedback and survey collection without any hassle.

Better Interactions Availability

Get in touch with your consumers with an intelligent voice system by giving them a toll-free number to call your company, enhancing the service provided.

Features of Toll-free Number

Instantaneous Updates with Records

Gain real-time access to call tracking data and receive notifications of incoming and outgoing calls on your preferred device.

Call Processing and Distribution

Send calls to the agents who are free to take them, reducing the time customers must wait before their calls are answered.

Cloud Capabilities

Track agent productivity, make and receive unlimited simultaneous calls, record calls, and more with the Cloud Telephony package.

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