SMS OTP service is widely used by businesses to protect their systems and data from unauthorized access. It is a simple and cost-effective way to implement two-factor authentication. Enhance app security & usage with a safe, quick & cost-effective multi-factor authentication solution. The frictionless verification experience leads to higher authentication success rates and customer satisfaction. OTP services are mostly required for account registrations, bill payments, online transactions, email & phone number authentications etc. With Bonvoice OTP services, businesses can achieve the -

  • Greater security & privacy
  • Theft & risk prevention
  • Reduced crashes, etc.

Applications for SMS OTP Service

Two-Factor Authentication

Ensure only authorized users can access your business applications with 2FA OTP codes, reducing the risk of data breaches.

Transaction Verification

Safeguard all financial transactions by adding secure OTP authentication to ensure safe transactions.

Password Resets

Simplify the time-consuming, costly password reset process and reduce the risk of unauthorized access with our OTP service.

Identity Verification

Ensure your customers' identity before granting access to your services using Bonvoice's OTP service.

One-Time Access Codes

Businesses that offer time-limited access to services or facilities, such as gyms or hotels, can use Bonvoice's OTP service to generate one-time access codes.


Ensure spam and fake signups are appropriately managed using a Spam-proof OTP SMS service from Bonvoice.

Features of SMS OTP Service

Instant Action

Swift and easy API-integrated one-time-password SMS service, where messages can be delivered efficiently in seconds!

Multiple Languages Support

Our OTP service supports multiple languages, allowing you to reach a broader audience based on your customer's preferences.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication provides an additional layer of security to access your services effectively and efficiently.

High Throughput

Our OTP service is designed to handle high traffic volumes, ensuring customers can access your services without delay.

API Access

Integrate our solution into your custom applications to generate OTP codes, send messages, and receive updates.

Real-Time Metrics

Get access to real-time data and run your analyses for OTP Delivery, failure, and latency reports with our solution.

Explore One Smart API for Multiple Verifications. Try Bonvoice!



Using Bonvoice SMS APIs, businesses can send and track text messages automatically. Our APIs are incredibly fast and efficient. We have sent over 1 billion texts in a single year! We help businesses build smarter communication tools with our SMS APIs. SMS services are mostly required by customer service centers, e-commerce platforms, marketing service providers, etc.

Deepen relationships with consumers by creating richer, more engaging interactions with SMS API integration. Communicate with clients with the most effective programmable voice solutions for your company with Bonvoice’s solution! With Bonvoice, businesses can achieve -

  • Better efficiency
  • Greater visibility and tracking
  • Flexibility
  • Swift & secure delivery

Benefits of SMS API

Reliable Delivery

Be confident that your messages will reach their intended recipients promptly with our SMS API Integration.

Easy Integration

Simply link your current systems and provide consumers with an easy way of communication without installing any extra programs.

AI Enablement

Use our AI technologies to automate customer support tasks and promote SMS self-service to keep customers interested in your business.

Features of SMS API Service

Custom Sender ID

Customize the sender ID, making it easier for customers to recognize your brand and increasing the response rate of your SMS campaigns.

Scheduled Messages

Schedule SMS messages to be sent at a specific time and date without manual intervention.

Opt-in and Opt-out

Let customers opt-in or opt-out of receiving SMS messages to communicate only with interested customers.

Message Templates

Improve consistency by creating and saving message templates, making it easier to send standardized messages.

Short URLs

Include short URLs in your SMS messages, enabling customers to access your website or landing page quickly.

Delivery Reports

Track delivery reports and measure the effectiveness of your SMS campaigns to optimize your communication strategy.

Use Bonvoice APIs for more than basic SMS functionality. Check your credit, manage your contacts, set delivery notifications, see your survey results, and more!
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