WhatsApp Integration


WhatsApp is a popular messaging app with over 1 billion active users globally. Integrating WhatsApp with your business allows customers and employees to communicate quickly and instantly & also supports them through the chatbot. The integrations are cost-effective, give access to a huge potential customer base & enable hassle-free conversations. WhatsApp integrations are widely used by contact centers, customer support, sales and marketing, self-service & automated messaging, multimedia, and businesses for seamless internal communication between employees. etc.

With Bonvoice's WhatsApp integration service, businesses can -

  • Engage with employees & customers.
  • Track user activities.
  • Send actionable messages with clickable buttons.
  • Connect with global users instantly, etc.

Features of WhatsApp Integration

Simple Embarkment

Streamlined customer service and quicker onboarding will give your business a headstart to sky-high profits

Users' Security

Build the Brand Authority and Trust by giving the user a complete choice by letting them opt-in only after a predetermined occurrence.

Schemas for Dynamic Messages

Get preconfigured 'Call-to-action' buttons and 'Quick reply’ options for monitoring reactions and implementing appropriate measures.


Set up automated responses to common queries, ensuring customers receive timely and accurate information with the Auto-Reply feature.

Customizable Chatbots

Create customized chatbots that can handle routine queries and offer personalized recommendations to customers.

Keep Tabs on Live Data

See how your campaign is doing, and analyze popular search terms and abandonment rates to better plan your future campaign.

Benefits of WhatsApp Integration


SMS can be sent from various platforms, including a web panel, an API, a plugin, Excel, a desktop app, and a mobile app.

Fair Costs

Flexible payment options at reasonable prices without any surprise fees. There is zero initial investment required.

100% Data Secure

With only the most advanced security measures and the best data protection service, we guarantee the complete safety of your data.

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