Voice APIs


Voice APIs are interfaces that enable applications to interact with users via voice.

The interaction happens through voice recognition, natural language processing, or text-to-speech synthesis. Bonvoice Voice APIs enable users to - perform tasks such as making phone calls, sending text messages, or even ordering products and services. One key benefit of using Voice APIs is they help improve the user experience by making it more natural and interactive.

Benefits of Voice APIs

Protect the confidentiality

To protect both parties' anonymity, you can use number masking when making or receiving calls, concealing both parties' contact information.

Boost efficiency

Integrate telephony with your customer relationship management, support, or other app using our API, and calls can be made with a single press of a button with reports.

Simple and Effective

GBecause it was designed by developers for developers, our Voice API works with any language your app was written in, simplifying the process of embedded communications.

Features of Voice APIs

Cloud Compatibility

Handle everything of your business communication without any hassle with our web-based platform and online service.

Inquiry by IVR

Construct a one-of-a-kind, self-service flow that meets your demands with the help of our DTMF recognition and media capabilities, such as Text-to-Speech and audio file playing.

Quantifiable Result

Save time and effort on your next campaign by keeping meticulous records and analyzing your data as you get quantifiable results.

Improved call monitoring

Every call made is tracked and recorded, and with our API, you may automatically retrieve call information to gain a better perspective and understanding.

Adaptable call routing systems

Make decisions on how calls will be routed automatically based on what the customers tell you and the related agents to assist them.


It's useful for getting responses to polls or questions as well as sending out last-minute announcements, greetings, and acknowledgments.

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