Missed Calls


Bonvoice understands the significance of tackling missed calls since it directly affects income.

Customers want prompt attention & our advanced techniques enable you to draw in customers easily. Through CTAs strategically placed in ads, you can acquire customer information who gave missed calls on your business number. We ensure all queries are resolved & faster feedback is issued; through SMS. Bonvoice also assists companies to - call back users who left missed calls on their business numbers. And we achieve this by connecting them via an auto-dialer having automated IVR messages, voice bot, or live agents.

Benefits of Missed Call Sevice

Boost Your Market Exposure

Launching missed call SMS marketing is a great way to get exposure and expand your customer base. Offering missed call solutions is a surefire way to increase your consumer base's reach.

Key to Building Your Brand's Reputation

Build a solid reputation for your company with missed-call service, increasing a company's potential for a positive return on investment from its marketing efforts.

No charge to the consumer

Increase customer retention rates with the help of missed call services with zero to negligible outlays on the part of the consumer, making this an extremely economical alternative.

Features of Missed Call Sevice

Get Leads

Play an automated IVR message each time in response of a consumer leaves a voicemail, like having a receptionist at all times, to hand them the info they need.

Verification of Clientele

For customer verification, a missed phone alert is preferable to one-time passwords. Give a missed call to a given number and ask the recipient to confirm it.

Monitor Telephone Calls

With the help of missed call solutions, you can quickly and effectively monitor missed calls and use that data for analysis to create superior offerings.

Infinite Channels & Campaigns

Manage and track numerous missed call campaigns from one central location with a flood of missed calls all at once, and ensure you don't miss any opportunities.

Integration with CRM

Connect your missed call solution with the industry's best CRM and watch as your client information is imported automatically.

Get Feedbacks

Missed calls are a simple and effective method of gaining client insight. Maintain a state of constant improvement in response to their feedback and satisfaction.

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