Voice API


The latest in communication technology, with Bonvoice voice API, you can add voice recognition and synthesis capabilities to your applications.

Our technology allows you to build speech-enabled applications that understand and respond to natural language commands. Some examples are - making & receive phone calls, sending & receiving text messages, and even accessing the internet. Although Voice APIs are still in their early stages, they hold great promise for the future.

Benefits of Voice API

Convenient and Simple to Operate

Our APIs are compatible with your device and can be seamlessly added to your existing infrastructure for telephony to provide consumers with direct human interaction.

Make it one-on-one

Route calls to different agents depending on the caller's availability, previous interactions, and geographic location and ensures no leads are missed.

Authentication & Confidentiality

Minimize fraudulent activities with OTP Authentication and Number masking to conceal caller ID information while facilitating two-way communication.

Features of Voice API

Intriguing audio effects

Use a variety of voice-changing and reverberation-based audio effects, eliminating all background noise to spice up your phone conversations.

Conversational intelligence

Save audio streams for later playback, and analysis and automatically adjust the speakers' volume when active speakers are detected.

Broadcasting in real-time

Engage a global audience in real-time audio conversations by streaming them online with displaying your complete desktop or just a portion of a program for the group to see.

Automatic translation

Use Voice automated interactions with text-to-speech or speech-to-text capabilities in more than a hundred languages for critical notifications, customer service, and more.

Monitoring Quality

Always monitor call quality to catch problems by enabling users to interact on the web and mobile apps as if they were in the same room.

Systematized aid

Reduce customer service wait times and listen in on interviews and focus groups with your target audience using Voice to gather useful feedback and ideas.

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