Virtual Number


A cloud-based telephone number plays a vital part in the cloud telephony system.

Most businesses today operate on local or international virtual numbers for effective call management & routing incoming calls to agents. Highly flexible, affordable, secure, and redirectable. Bonvoice virtual numbers can also be used for setting up call forwarding and voicemail services.

Benefits of Virtual Number

Global Presence with Conversion

Keep tabs on your calls and manage from anywhere, forwarding all client calls to agent mobile and landline numbers, increasing the conversion rate.

Boost Productivity in Operations

Route calls to different agents depending on the caller's availability, previous interactions, and geographic location and ensures no leads are missed.

Insights From Data in Real Time

Evaluate how well your team engages with customers and how efficiently they handle calls, providing valuable insights into your business.

Features of Virtual Number

Integration of IVR

Immediately connect with your customers by answering their questions via customizing your phone service with IVR's tree-structured menu system.

Number Masking

Prevent sensitive information from being leaked by masking the caller's and the agent's phone numbers during an active call.

Call Routing

Get an efficient distribution of incoming calls to various departments and agents through the configurable call routing feature, minimizing the wait time.

Unrestricted Concurrent Calls

Get an infinite number of phone lines and easily handle a flood of calls from customers to ensure maximum agent efficiency all at once.

In-Call Recording

Listen to automated recordings of past calls and listen to them for playback to help with conflict resolution, agent training, and quality control in customer care.

Monitoring Calls

Calls can be tracked in real-time and detailed information about incoming, ringing, and dropped calls can be viewed on a dedicated dashboard.

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