Are you finding difficulties to manage the communication with your customer! How to monitor your Sales or Service calls! Can we check the efficiency of each department with their total number of calls each day!

IVR system allows your callers to easily route themselves to the best agent or department for their needs. Enjoy a flexible, easy-to-use, and cloud-based IVR solution - included at no extra cost with any business.

Set up a virtual number today and try the best IVR solution. When it comes to delivering, more flexible and easy-to-use call management solutions at the best price possible, no other IVR service goes as far as Bonvoice. Your cloud-based IVR solution includes an amazingly affordable call management system with all the advanced features you need to improve your customer interactions.

  • Mobile App will be provided to monitor all calls and their analysis
  • Entrepreneur can easily track and analyse every call coming to his business with the precise information about the call traffics in each department.
  • No one time cost and very cost-effective package which is affordable to any type of business.
  • Easily manage your cloud-based IVR system from anywhere.
  • Route calls from your IVR system to any location(s).


How to improve your sales using your existing team! How to monitor your employee’s calls when they chose work from home! Can we run a customer care centre using employees in multiple location! Install our Dialler app to improve your communication with customers.

Connect your team with a new platform - Smart Dialer that powers the communication with the customers. Smart Dialer is a solution that helps Enterprises to connect with their customers without any dedicated customer care. Deploy instantly without any server or third party services. Easy to increase the number of agents. Without any one time cost, you can use an effective outbound call Dialer. It helps them to connect with a large number of customers safely.

Dialer lives on the mobile devices you and your team already use every day, so its designed for the way you work—no matter where that is.

  • Managers can assign the customer list to each employee and easily monitor their performance, total successful calls, customer feedbacks and converted leads
  • The phone number will be masked at both ends and their data is secured
  • No one time cost and will deploy instantly without any delay.
  • Very easy to increase the number of connections
  • Easily monitor the calls of employees during work from home

Voice Broadcast

How to reach a large number of customers quickly with lesser spent. Here is an easy way to run a campaign for your new offers or new products.

Voice Broadcast can deliver a tailored pre-recorded voice message to both landline and mobile telephones at an extremely fast rate. Bonvoice can tell with 100% certainty if your message has or has not been received, how long the recipients listened. No other direct marketing medium can provide the same level of transparency. Unlike other methods, Voice Broadcast can definitively provide you with the result of each call made. Know if your call was answered, rang out, or hit a busy, engaged or disconnected signal.

  • Very low price compared to other advertisement mediums
  • Extensive Report with their broadcast response
  • Uniformity of message
  • Customer-friendly – Language or region wise customised campaign can be run
  • Large campaign can be run easily with a single click

Missed call Solution

It is important to follow up all missed calls as this could impact revenue. Your customers expect a speedy response. Our technology helps you deliver.

Our cutting-edge correspondence strategy empowers you to effortlessly draw in with your clients. Publish a number with your ads and collect their contact number easily with a missed call. No enquiries will be unattended and give them automatic feedback through SMS instantly.

Reports including time, date and contact number will be made available in the web interface or Admin App to arrange a call back with your customer care. This helps you to identify the hot leads easily.

  • Identifies hot leads using missed calls
  • Sends automated SMS Reply
  • Customizes the reply for each called

Click to Call

An immediate calling tool provided on your website/App connects you with your customers. Solve customer's queries without having them leave your website to fill forms or looking for ways to contact you. When you are dealing with a customer who is having some issues with your product, you cannot get their emotions always on a chat window so use this Bonvoice solution which allows you to understand what your client is going through.

Provide round the clock support to your customers right from your website. Let them call you instead of text chatting for hours to solve a tiny problem.

  • Press the given button to initiate the call to the desired number
  • Use this facility in websites and app to connect your customers directly to your sales team
  • No customer calls will be missed

School Connect

Connects your school authorities with students/parents by an app. Parents can directly contact teachers at the assigned time.

  • Faculties’ mobile numbers will be hidden from callers
  • Faculties can be easily selected by parents/students by using filters in the App
  • Extensions will be provided to each faculty

Residence Connect

Connects all in your apartment or residential area without providing or knowing personal phone numbers

  • Masks phone number
  • Connects all rooms with extensions
  • No hardware cost
  • Connects even if you are not at home
  • Releases you from the responsibility of giving phone numbers to anyone within the apartment


eSIM can securely provision and store multiple operator profiles providing the ability to easily switch between networks. IoT devices can therefore be updated and connected remotely and at scale the deployment and management of connectivity for thousands of devices, at your fingertips. The eSIM and its ecosystem are as secure as existing traditional SIM technology. All our products, solutions and processes are compliant with the latest GSMA standards to guarantee high reliability and full interoperability.

Developed by the GSMA and already widely accepted by the telecoms market, eSIM is the new standard in SIM card technology. A rewritable chip, built directly onto the device, the eSIM brings wide-ranging benefits to consumers, enterprises and IoT solutions.

  • Swap profiles without removing the SIM. Store multiple profiles on a single device
  • Flexibility of SIM types accounts for every possible use case and often takes up much less space than traditional SIMs.
  • Roaming and moving devices can now automatically navigate between network providers.
  • Enable IoT deployments to get updated by pushing profile changes to the devices from a unified control platform.

Improve service quality

Swap between carriers to avoid quality & signalling issues, for example in rural areas and near country borders. Roaming and moving devices can automatically navigate between carrier networks.

Forget about swapping physical SIMs

Get one eSIM for coverage and swap carriers over-the-air, without replacing SIM cards ever again

Freedom and Security at the best price

No more locked in situations. eSIM provides you the freedom to change subscriptions on the go. If you are facing negative price changes or get better prices elsewhere, simply download the carrier that best fits your needs.

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